H1 Out of CAP filing eligibility


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I first came to US on H1B in 2006 and have used almost all of the entire 6 years of my H1B. This did not happen in one go since I used to go back to my home country as soon as work assignments were complete. My last work assignment in US was in 2015 and I went back to my home country on December 2015 with nearly 20 days left to complete my 6 years of H1B. After that I switched company in my home country. After a year, in December 2016, I received an email from USCIS that one of my extension petitions that was approved in 2012 has been revoked by USCIS. I'm not sure what caused this. But my guess is my previous employer filed for revocation after I left the company. I have the below questions

1. Can my current employer file for H1B out of Cap using my previous petition in which I had 20 days left? Can H1B be filed out of cap by employers who are not the original first petitioners? 

2. What does the revocation notice that I received indicate? I have already completed working in US in the period of revocation. How to find more details about this without contacting my previous employer?

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