I-94 extension/correction or L-1A Petition extension


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Hello all,

I am L-1A blanket visa holder with I-94 expiring on 8/28/2017. However my visa is stamped till mid-June 2019.
I would like to extend my stay beyond I-94 expiry date.. I would like to know what could be my options. 

Here are some key facts:
1. My L-1A visa is stamped till mid-June 2019.
2. I-94 expiry is 28 August 2017.
3. My previous petition is blanket with PED as 'NO EXP'.

Here are the options provided by my immigration dept:
Option 1. L-1A Petition extension: This would be individual petition extension and can be applied in premium.
Option 2. I-94 Correction: This would give me only 6 more months as I-94 is issued only for 3 years after my last US entry (2/17/2015).
Option 3. Last option could be to travel abroad and return to US which would extend my I-94 accordingly. 

Here are my questions on these:
1. Are there any other options and which option is better, faster and less risky to take?
2. Considering current prevailing political / immigration conditions, is 3rd option risky?
3. If for any reason, my petition extension gets denied, can I still stay up to expiry of my current I-94? Can I still get I-94 corrected (option 2), so I get additional 6 months (up to Feb-2018)?

Any advice in this regard will be very helpful. Thanks very much in advance.
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On 3/12/2017 at 1:27 PM, pontevecchio said:

Leave and return.

Thanks pontevecchio.

Just got to know today that my employer is discouraging international travels.

Is I-94 an option - can I get additional 6 months if I visit local CBP Port of Entry or Deferred Inspection office?


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