Passport validaity for visa stamping


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Hi ,

My employer is processing the L1 Blanket and my visa  appointment has been scheduled on April -2017 first week at  one of the UK consulate as I am working currently in UK.  

My situation is, my passport has the validity for 12 months and expires on Apr-2018. After submitting the DS 160 based on the note mentioned on DS 160 that we need have minimum of 6 months visa validity at the time of stamping. Later I noticed that that I need to have valid passport for intended stay (1year mentioned in DS 160) + 6 months validity.  

Could you please advise me if can I take the interview with existing passport as per the scheduled appointment ? will it affect VO’s decision and the visa duration/period ?  

If I plan to renew the passport before stamping, I need to submit 2nd DS160 form containing new passport details, but  I can not update the new  DS160 number in my appointment schedule. Hence I might need to carry two DS160 forms and need to reschedule the interview or cancel the appointment. Is this approach advisable to follow? Is there any risk in attending the interview with two DS160 forms?

Please let advise me the best option to avoid further issues/to reduce the risk with this issue.





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