H1B 6 Year Calculation for GC filing

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First came to USA with H1B in May 2010 and stayed until Feb 2011

Then went back to india and came back to USA in Feb 2013 and staying in USA from them onwards. 

For filing GC should i still consider initial 10 Months of stay in USA also in the 6 years period for H1B or will it be ignored as stayed for more than 1 year outside USA?

Note: My current H1B is valid until Aug 2018. 

Ideally when should i start filling my Labour for GC?

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My First H1B visa is from 2008 to 2011(Stamped. I went back to India and my visa expired. Stayed only for 10 months in the period in USA. 

My company filed H1B visa (under exempt no cap) in i got my visa Stamped again in Jan 2013. 

I have this query because ideally my current Visa should not be valid more than 2018 Apr. 

Because my second visit is on Feb 2013 and 6 years are completed on Feb 2019. If we deduct 10 month from that for the earlier stay then my visa should on be extended beyond April 2018.


But my current visa is valid until Aug 2018. 

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