URGENT! Help needed. H1B Cap Exempt Question


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This question has been asked several times, but because of recent law changes I am unsure.


Here's my situation:

Originally from India 

H1B filed in India by company A in 2015 

Got picked up in lottery and approved i797 

Visa was valid Oct 2015 to Sept 2016

Left the company in 2015 and started higher education in 2015 on F1 

Never used the H1B, never entered USA before 2015, Never got visa on passport

Currently finished education and working full time on OPT for company B

Company B is willing to file H1B

Would I have to go through lottery again?


Need urgent help as this is my first and only chance (no OPT extension).


P.S. Please ask if I have missed anything important.


Thank you very much.

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