H1B to H4-EAD And H4-EAD to H1B


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Hi Experts,

I am on H1B from 2.5 years and I-140 is approved 3 months back. My wife came with me to USA on H4 visa, later H1B is picked for Her with a different employer. 

She wants to take a break for 6 months. Can she apply for H4 EAD now for 6 months and reclaim her old H1B in future if needed?  Is it possible to get back her old H1B from H4 EAD after CoS from H1B to H4? With current situation is it a good option to move to H4-EAD?

Thanks in advance.

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On 2/24/2017 at 0:07 PM, pontevecchio said:

H4 EAD is not a status. One can apply for a COS from H1 to H4 and stop working on receipt. One does not HAVE to apply for an EAD. She can change status to H4 by applying and in future she can get a H1 sponsor to file a H1 petition non cap for her subject to the total 6 years.

Thanks for reply

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