Unique visitor visa situation-please advise


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I am on H1B and am trying to apply for visitor visa for my retired parents.  
I dont have any siblings.
They had tried to get a visa 6 yrs back but their application was rejected back then.
They were retired even back then , the only change since then is that now they have some rental income(10000Rs).
They have some property in India apart from that.
One unfortunate thing unique in our case is that : my parents had loaned money(tens of lakhs) to a couple of unscrupulous people but it hasnt been returned yet.
They  filed a case and have a legal dispute currently in the courts for the past year or so.
Can this be used to show ties to the home country ? They have to return back to attend the proceedings.
Its unfortunate but I couldn't think of anything else to show ties to India.

Also back then when we filed application I am not sure whether I entered my dad's qualification as a graduate/not.
He is a college dropout so I am not sure what I entered back then and not sure what to enter again.

Kindly advise.

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Just have them apply on their own and mention you are paying for the trip. They VO's  do not want to see documents. Ties to home country are self evident in case of a couple of retired people. Three months to visit you wherever you are in a suitable time of the year, spring or summer to see you guys and visit the local attractions like SOL, whatever applies. Keep it very simple. Avoid agents and any attempted coaching by you.

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