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I'm currently working for a Client A through Employer 'X' (who holds my H1b) and my current visa is valid till Nov 2019. I'm planning to transfer my h1b to a Client A (direct hire). Once the transfer gets approved and I will be starting to work for Client A (who will then hold my new h1b). 


1) After my H1b transfer to Client A, does the H4 dependent visa will also need to be transferred or not required?

2) After 1-2 years of working at Client A, If for some reason I do not like it and  Can I go back and re-join Employer 'X' company since my previous h1b visa is still valid with my previous employer 'X'?


Please help. Thank you!


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An H4 is never dependent on an employer. For the H4 it matters that you are in valid H1 status.

Employer X is required by law to inform USCIS as soon as you stop working there. If they want to hire you back in the future, they would have to file (and pay for) a new H1 petition.

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