Citizenship for "near expiring" GC

Sumit Rao

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Dear Knowledgeable Advisors,

My  and wife's GC (obtained through my employment) is expiring in Dec 2017. I have spent most of 9 years in US except 3-4 month of cumulative vacations abroad during this period. I intend to obtain citizen ship by applying for it now. I believe, the expected period to obtain it can be up to 6-7 months. I also need to visit India during kids vacation in Jun-July. I do not want to take any risk with my citizenship.:

1. Can my vacation trip to India cause any risk to whether citizenship is awarded or not ?
2. After India vacation, if I reenter US on my valid GC in July-Aug. Is there any risk due to changing immigration policy ?
3. Should I apply for GC extension ? as a precautionary measure for scenario like my citizenship does not get approved before GC expiry ?
4. What is the status after GC is expired and there is no valid citizenship obtained yet?

Quite a few questions.. Thanks in advance for your kind advice.

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