New Regulations and Residency Requirements


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I have my n-400 application pending since October 2016 and status still showing finger printing notice sent. Due to new administration and extreme vetting measures etc etc I am concerned about my application and have very important question. 
I got my green-card thru employment in 2009 and in 2011 moved to overseas for Job. I was visiting US every 6 months for few days to meet my residency obligation and filling my taxes etc. 
I permanently moved back to US in 2014 and filled my application in October 2016 (90 days before completing 30 months) 
During my 3.5 years absences I had one trip longer than 6 months and I was out for 8 months (less than year). 
I am wondering how it will impact my application and Interview? Please let me know if I can get in trouble because of one absence for more than 6 months and several overseas trips. 
Thanks in Advance for your advise and expert opinion.

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It is possible that you abandoned your GC.

As an LPR, you always have to live in the US. It is not and has never been enough to just travel to the US once in a while. Having a job abroad also puts into question if you lived in the US.

That is probably what they are looking at.

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