H1b employer running payroll but not depositing money to bank account


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Hi All,

I am having issues with my employer regarding pay as he not paying as per what we agreed. I work for client A in a project through EVC model. My status has been changed from F1 to H1 in dec 12 2016 while working in the same project.Also till now he hasn't shared I797 or attached I94 even after many requests. As he is not paying what I should get I immediately started transfer to another employer and working for same client. He has run the payroll for Jan month but money has not been deposited. He is suspicious about my change of employer and sent me termination notice which says my last day will be feb 15,2017 and says my he will deposit the money on feb 16. But I am not sure he is going to do that. I have stopped sending timesheets with the client as he is not paying me. My new employer has already filed a petition and will pay me on feb 15.

 If he terminates and runs the payroll for feb too without depositing money.  Is it mandatory that I should submit timesheets of the client to get paid from my employer.Can I file WH4 form to make him pay. Can he escape citing timesheet as reason?

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