US entry waiver. Need advice.


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I am new to the forum. I want to know about the US entry waiver application. I am from Canada. I was convicted of a driving under influence charge when I was in my teens. It's been so many years and I let go of that life.  I was shocked and angry when I was denied entry to the US during the last Christmas time. I was denied the entry at Highway 420 in Niagra. I felt so bad and was left alone at home for the Christmas. I have never traveled anywhere outside Canada and my first travel left me in disappointment. I checked online about the US entry waiver and it looks like a long process.

I have some doubts. I get it that it may require some time to get the waiver, but Is it possible to get a permanent waiver? It happened so many years back and I have been living clean ever since. Do I have to see an attorney in my hometown or the US? or can I apply directly to the embassy?  Please, advise.

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