Successful Visa Stamping at Matamoros on Jan 31st 2017


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Hi All,

Hope this post answers lot of questions related to H1 visa stamping.
The night before I left for visa interview my employer calls me and asks me if I can postpone to see if things settle down. With all the stuff going on with immigration executive order I had to take a decision on whether to go or not. I read almost the whole executive order signed by President Trump and decided to go ahead.

When I went for fingerprints I saw only 4 Indian guys including me  who were attending the interview on Jan 31st.

The visa interview was pretty normal. with basic questions. I was asked to show my approved 140 and W2 apart from questions like my role , my employer name and if I did masters in united states.

The passport was ready by 3 PM went back , took the passport and headed to border.


Border Crossing:

Unlike others my immigration check was done pretty fast ( I was lucky) , took just 20 mins. The guy behind me had to wait for 3 hours. The officer asked me for employer letter. Make sure your employer letter has the dates and your responsibilities.

I used Salvador services while at Matamoros. He is very kind and humble guy. He helped us in all the ways possible. He was with us for the whole two days that we stayed there. He took us to show the town and also shopping. I definitely suggest you guys to use his services. He has lot of information and makes you feel home.

I just wanted to tell you guys that the conditions are not at all hostile. All the guys who attended for H1B visa got their visas. But use caution and evaluate your situation and take a call if you want to go for visa stamping or not.

hope this helps. Please drop your questions below , I will try to answer when I get a chance


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17 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

Thanks for posting your experience. I donot understand it seems there are quite a good amount of success cases but people are not posting their experiences. if they have 221G issues then only they are posting... Its sad..

A chinese lady got 221g on the same day. But that was nothing to do with her Employment. Something related to her Sevis from school. I heard that she already got an email asking her to come back for visa interview.

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