I-140 RFE related to USA Green Card process – Issue date of Diploma is different than actual provisional degree date


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My I-140 (Part of USA Green Card process) in RFE due to below reason.  Could you please suggest me on my next steps. 

Details:  I got an RFE on I-140 saying that issue date of my 4 years B. Pharmacy degree is in 2016 even though I earned degree in 2009. Since I came to USA right after my 4th semester exams and due to lack of information on my side, I did not apply for Original diploma. I have all my mark sheets, provisional and consolidated mark sheet with 2009 date but diploma issue date as 2016 as I went recently to India and got same.  I have studied in Osmania University Hyderabad India. 

Looks like US won’t consider same based upon provisional  and they rely only based upon Diploma date only. 

We do not interpret the language in the degree certificate or the provisional certificate as equating the passage of the final examination with obtaining the bachelor's degree


I need your help or suggestions on below – 

1.    So for my I-140 to be approved, what are my possible options or to answer my I-140 GC RFE. 

I have checked with Osmania University Hyderabad India and looks like they do not issue new diploma with an issuance date of 2009 or do not issue letter stating that the one issued in 2016  is a replacement or duplicate for one that should have been issued in 2009. 

Please guide me on to go through any existing post as I am not able to find or suggest me your inputs. 

Thanks for your help here.

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