Masters on H4 vs F1


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Hi everyone,

I am currently a MS student on H4 visa at a very good University. Our I140 was applied in august 2016 and I am hoping to go in the direction of I140 approval, then H4 EAD to start working. However, the current news is making it uncertain as to which path is better for me to be able to stay here safely. Is it Changing to F1 from H4 or wait on the path of H4 EAD. Please share your opinion.

p.s I have more than a year left to graduate and have a h4 visa valid until sept 2018.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Stay as H-4 and apply for H-4 EAD when eligible (Best option). Nothing is certain as of now. You still have lot of time left so wait for another 3 months and then you can decide. If you convert to F-1 and then you get OPT you will always have a tension of being on job or else you will lose status. On H-4 EAD you can be relaxed.

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