Successful H-1B VISA stamping at Calgary


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First of all, thanks for this forum and whoever posted their VISA experiences. I strongly believe this post might help many others, especially what we have been hearing/speculating last few days.

Canada immigration -> I was the only one in the line for Third country nations {non-US/ Non- Canadian} and the officer was making fun of it. It was a quick entry to Canada.

Attended H-1B in-person interview this morning here at Calgary. This is my third stamping here in Calgary{2011/2013/2017}

Working for an end client through the vendor. Previous 2 H-1B stampings are also with the same employer. 

-> Routine security check {no phones and key chains/ metals }

-> Counter1 - asked for passport I-797 and status in Canada and then administrative assistant wrote on the back of my passport that there is no PIMS

-> Counter4- finger prints then was told to stand in line for interview

-> Observations while I was standing in the line for interview- Two Male officers are doing interviews today {one of them is wearing suite and he is quick and cool ; and the other guy is thin/bald and asking more questions and taking 10+ minutes for each candidate} .  There were 3 h-1B candidates{with their families} before me and I overheard their approvals. Then came my turn.

1. Which city in US you are travelling to ?

2. What is your role and which company you work for ?

3. How long you have been with this company?

4. Did you do your masters ? university and specialization

5. You joined this company right after the school ? 

6. Did your employer filed for green card ? Yes and I have an approved I-140

7. Do you have the approval copy ? if you have it? can I see it

8. How big is your company ? I just answered they have around XX employees and it is a mid-size company

9. So what exactly you do to support them ? I mentioned about my role in one sentence

10. Then he asked if I have my previous VISA stamps ? handed over the old passport ; he cancelled all my previous stamps ; one F-1 and 2 H-1B ; while doing so he was looking for company name of my expired VISAs.

11. Then he mentioned that since my application is missing from PIMS, it will take few extra days to collect my passport. Returned my I-797 and I-140 approval copies back. He mentioned hopefully I may receive my passport on Friday. The interview lasted around 2-3 minutes

So only documents asked are I-797 and an I-140 approval copy. All the people that I met downstairs got their approvals except one B-1 VISA aspirant was asked to submit more documents related his background {Agriculture/ TAL}

Now hoping for quick return of stamped passport and safe travels back to states over the weekend to watch the Superbowl.

If you have any questions? feel free to send an email{you can find it under my profile}

**Also whoever is benefiting from this forum, make sure you post/share your experiences in the future and any information to help the community. It is sad but true people will only post when they were given 221g/admin processing**

Good luck!









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