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Can you please guide on the H1B transfer timings.

I am working as a consultant and have all the correct pay stubs.
I will be also getting pay stub in Jan.
After that, contract is ending.
I will be visiting/taking approved in Leave in Feb and upto mid March.
I won't be paid this time but pay stubs will be generated with $0 salary.

I can not transfer/start transfer H1 to new company now and take leave.

Option 1 :
transfer my H1 to other company now and join and cancel leave plan. (new company may not approve leave plan)

Option 2 :
Come back. Resign and then start the transfer to new company. While transferring to new company, approved leave letter from current company can be given.
so pay stubs to USCIS will be Mar $0 salary, Feb $0 salary, Jan full salary, dec and before full salary.
will this be fine? what problem this can cause?

-Valid visa stamp upto 2018.

Please guide.

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