Change J2 visa to H1b before start of spouse's waiver requirement


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Hello Sir/Madam, i am currently on j1 visa and will be finishing my fellowship on june 2018. My wife is also a physician and is currently on J2 visa with me in the US. She is looking to apply for H1b visa to start her residency on june 2017. Can you tell me what our options would be? Can we request change of status from within US (residing as J2) to H1b or can she leave US and apply to consulate for H1b. Which one is easier to get? Which option is better? Thank you very much.

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I have almost the same situation as you do. We tried to have the option of having my J2 as the one to apply for the H1B visa since she does not have a two year rule. Moreover, she did not sign any document with my present US agency sponsor. However, our present school district hr told us that it is just the same case. she expires when I expire. Please help us on this. We have known a friend who did that about 10 years ago but our hr told us that this time is different when trump is in the drivers seat.

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