DUI I797


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Hi there,

I am trapped. Got arrested for

1- hit and run with minor property (other car) damaged. Hearing is yet to start.

after 2 weeks

2- for DUI (less safe) with insufficient sample/wrong drive way/not maintaining lane/not allow to pass emergency vechile (car). Hearing is yet to start

I am on I 797 approved till 2019. My family is in India and wants me to join in next one month. My questions are:

1- will I be out of status? haven't got any email yet from uscis.

2- Can my family still travel to USA with I haveing above charges?

3- May I travel to India after all cases are closed?

4- Will my h1 b stamping denied in India?

5- If yes for 4, what should I do so that I can get h1 stamped?

Thanks for all your help.

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