On F1 rite now, H1 from 1st Oct, Goin Canada 3rd-7th Oct. Do I need Stamping, or I can re-enter with revalidation?


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I'm currently on F-1 OPT. F-1 expiring in 2013. Never had any other visa.

My employer has filed for my H1-B, premium processing, start date 1st Oct. I should get it by next week. I need to travel to Montreal, Canada for a week. So do I need to get H1 stamped or does the "less than 30 days" re-validation apply.

The re-validation memo allows for someone traveling with an expired visa and being able to revalidate using the less than 30 day rule, but does not mention how CBP should treat someone who has an unexpired visa in another status.

Can someone please help?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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