I-797 expiry date and stamping


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My I-797 approval notice validity is as following: 

Starting Validity Date: 07/28/14
Ending Validity Date: 05/31/17 (5 months to go) 

I never went for visa stamping and never been to USA, now my employer want me to have it stamped and come to USA. My questions are:

1. If I get my H1B stamped before the expiry and travel to USA, How long I can stay there? I mean my 3+3 year period start when I land there?
2. Currently I am in Europe but I got this I-797 approved while I was India, Can I go to any other country's US embassy for PA (stamping) or it has to be home country?
3. Does it matter if you enter usa at end of your petition validity? Any concern?
4. When I go for Visa stamping, what does it mean they print 3 years valid H1B on my passport (starting form the day of stamping)?

FYI, in 2014 this petition was applied on cap exempt basis, as i had a my petition selected in 2008 lottery .

Please let me know.


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1. No you will not get 3 years. You will only get till 05/31/2017

2. If you are legally working/living in a foreign country, generally the US embassy there will allow you to apply for H1 visa stamp. HOWEVER, some embassies may not be equipped to handle such requests so it is best to check with the US embassy in the country where you are currently living.

3. Not much concern here.

4. H1B Visa stamp will only be made valid upto 05/31/2017.....that is the nature of work visas unlike a visitor visa which the US usuallymakes valid for up to 10 years

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1. You can get it stamped and enter before the expiry anytime.

2. You can anywhere, but find out before booking appointment. Some consulates do not allow other country nationals to get stamped. Home country is always best.

3. No issues as long as you have a job.

4. No. There will be a issue date and expiry date. Expiry date is based on your I-797 expiry date which is 5/31/2017.

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