H1B Layoff - Travel & Visa stamp during 60 day grace period


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I got a termination letter from my employer that my employment will be terminated as of Jan 20, 2017. I have a visa valid until Feb 2019, now I have a family emergency to travel out of US anytime starting from today.

1. Can I travel and be able to reenter US without denial?

2. Will the POE officer know that I was laid off from my current job? If so how he will know, which system will get updated and how and who will do that? is there a way to avoid it and how & who(employer/employee) can do it?

3. Can I file a H1 transfer to some IT service/consulting company and travel before the H1 is approved?

4. Lets say I did find a new employer during this 60 day grace period and filed the H1 and luckily gets approved, then I travel out of US, now should I get visa stamped for this new employer even though I have a valid visa until Feb 2019 before I renter US again?

Thanks in advance for all who can share their experience and chime in their opinion. 

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