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Hello All, 


I am going through a dilemma of job switching like a lot of professionals out there. My priority date is in April 2009, but the FA dates seem to be stuck at April 2008. I have my EAD with the Advanced Payroll. However I am currently maintaining my H1-B.


I wanted to know if:

1. Can I switch my job on H1-B and still maintain my EAD status? i.e. not refile labor, 140, etc. with new employer?

1a. Can I switch to a bigger better role and still maintain my current EAD? or will I have to make a horizontal switch?

2. Is there a minimum requirement on EAD for me to meet before I move to another employer?


Thank you for your help in advance.




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1. Yes, you can change employer on H1. Make sure you passed 180 day rule (180 days since you applied AOS aka I485)
Also make sure to renew your EAD and AP in time. If you had applied your I485 after Oct 2007 both EAD and AP renewals are exempted from processing fee (free of cost for c9). You can send applications 120 days in advance of EAD and AP expiration dates

1a. There is a new law passed and will be in effect from Jan 17th 2017. There are some provisions related to switching jobs. Go through below link

3. There is a requirement of 180 days since you applied your I485. No minimum requirements on AOS based EADs


Disclaimer : These opinions are my personal. I am not a immigration expert. You should consult immigration Attorney for accurate details.

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