H4 Visa for Wife - H1 holder in USA


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Hi guys - I recently moved to the US on an H1 and started working here. I have a few questions, much appreciated if anybody can help!

Declaration: H4 for wifey and kiddo - Both are getting US visa for the first time.

1. What documents do i need to send *IN ORIGINALS* to my wife so that she can carry it during the interview? I have all docs with me in USA (Approvals, Offers, I-797, LCA etc). Is a copy of all these ok? I have sent the copies of all these docs. Is there anything else i need to send as original documents?

2. Do we need Bank Statements? When i last came to US (in 2010), i had a bank a/c which is still active. It has an old address, do it matter which address is on the Bank statement? It takes sometime to update the address (as per the bank) and not sure if it can be done before the appointment.

3. My kid is 3 months old, do we need to take her for the appointment? Can we do a dropbox? If yes, my wife will go to the interview and my kid's visa via dropbox - is this ok? Do we need both of them going for the stamping/interview?

Apologies if this has already been asked. If you can point me to the right thread it will be really helpful!


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