Use of H4 EAD / Labor Based EAD


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In 2015, I had applied for my H4 based EAD for my wife. Since it was subject to my H1 extension, the process took a lot of time. Before I could get a response for my H1 Extension(and my wife's H4 EAD), I got eligible to apply for my EAD based on my labor dates. I went ahead and did that. Within a few months, I received my Labor based EAD. 

After receiving that, I applied for my wife's SSN using the EAD I had in hand. After a few more months, I received my H1 Extension approval and also received the H4 EAD(that I had applied before I was eligible to get EAD based on my labor dates).

Below are expiry dates for my wife's EAD

Labor EAD --> Jan 2017

H4 EAD -> June 2019

My wife now has to travel to India in February. I am concerned that I cannot get the Labor EAD approved before that. My question is as follows..

Can my wife go ahead and use her H4 EAD to travel to India and come back? If so, is there anything that I would have to provide her during her travel(like my H1 Extension approval)? Does she have to go and get her H4 stamped even though she has H4 EAD?

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