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221(g) Administrative Processing

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My interview at the consulate as on 14th October 2016 and during the interview, the consular asked for the employer documents and handed over all the employer documents I had and was asked to wait there during the review time on the same day. Later on, the officer called me and handed over the 221(g) blue slip and said they need to review further as multiple switching of employers were made . The blue slip had only one option checked "Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made".

A bit details on my employment back ground.

Worked for Company A on L1-B at client location. Then switched to Company B on H1-B. Moved from Company B to Company C on H1-B. I have I140 with Company C and multiple extensions was filed with them. After switching from L1-B to H1-B , haven't travelled back to India for almost 4 years and 10 months. During all the switching my client and work location was same. Between my employer and client there are 2 layers.

Now its been more than 3 weeks and the website still shows the case as Administrative processing. How long could this take as they haven't asked for any additional documents yet. What are the process done during Administrative processing? My client or employer hasn't being contacted yet with any queries.




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I have had the same issue (Hyderabad on 11/23/16) I was received a white form with administrative processing checked. I am a full time eployee who works directly for the client. It would be nice if someone could assist regarding this. The last i remember was VO stating some sort of questionnaire. I was blanked when I received the form therefore haven't paid attention to what happened next. 

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Hi Dileep and Swapna, 


Any updates on your cases? I received a 221 G on Oct 18th and no replies received yet.. still waiting. Document submission day for me was 10/28/16. 

Thank you


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