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  1. sdileeep

    Place of Birth

    Hi, While processing 485 , does place of birth mismatch matter ? My passport and all related documents have place of birth of the district I was not born in and has a different district. Please advise.
  2. sdileeep

    Visa Bulletin Priority Date Movement

    Hi, My current I-140 is on EB3 with a priority date of June 2014 approved with Company A and recently I switched to Company B and Company B is yet to start on filing my new PERM application. Do we need to have I-140 approved with Company B to be eligible to apply for adjustment of status with the current advancement ?
  3. Hello, My interview at the consulate as on 14th October 2016 and during the interview, the consular asked for the employer documents and handed over all the employer documents I had and was asked to wait there during the review time on the same day. Later on, the officer called me and handed over the 221(g) blue slip and said they need to review further as multiple switching of employers were made . The blue slip had only one option checked "Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made". A bit details on my employment back ground. Worked for Company A on L1-B at client location. Then switched to Company B on H1-B. Moved from Company B to Company C on H1-B. I have I140 with Company C and multiple extensions was filed with them. After switching from L1-B to H1-B , haven't travelled back to India for almost 4 years and 10 months. During all the switching my client and work location was same. Between my employer and client there are 2 layers. Now its been more than 3 weeks and the website still shows the case as Administrative processing. How long could this take as they haven't asked for any additional documents yet. What are the process done during Administrative processing? My client or employer hasn't being contacted yet with any queries. Thanks, Dileep
  4. sdileeep

    Visa Status Check

    Hi, Does this message ("ISSUED") below mean that the H1-B Visa is stamped by the consulate? We have enquired the ustraveldocs team and they said , they are not sure on what "ISSUED" mean by and asked to check in the passport once you get them. U.S. Department of State NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION Issued Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. Thanks, Abhinav
  5. sdileeep

    H1-B refused due to incorrect location on LCA

    Thanks to All for you reply. Her company filed for the LCA and the attorney said , the process will take 5-10 days. The consular has advised to send the documents to the VHS , and no need to appear in person. So does that mean after getting the updated LCA , she could get the H1-B stamped ? Thanks, Abhinav.
  6. Hi, My wife's H1-B got refused today from the Chennai consulate and the reason stated was due to incorrect work location in the LCA document. Her primary work is in Denver and her company is headquartered in Virginia. When the employer filed for H1B they gave Virginia as the work location. The consular has requested to get the following documents and resend to the VFS office in chennai. 1) Updated / Corrected LCA document. 2) Copy of the petition with all supporting documents as filed with USCIS. Can you please clarify on the following : 1) Will it be possible to modify the LCA document ? 2) How long does the process take ? 3) When we resubmit all the data, since the consular has not requested to appear in person , what are the chances of getting H1-B approved. Please guide with all the possible information to get the H1-B approval. Thanks, Abhinav
  7. sdileeep

    H1B Transfer- Minimum wage

    Hi, How many pay stubs are required to transfer H1B. While transferring the H1B what's the minimum wage (within the paystub) required for a successful transfer? Thanks, Abhinav
  8. sdileeep

    L1 to H1B transfer

    Hello, I am currently working in the US on L1 blanket petition and my L1 visa expired couple of months back and have a valid I-94. In the meantime I also got my H1-B approved through a different company. 1) Will my L1 be automatically changed to H1B. How does this affect my existing job ? 2) If I need to move to H1-B ,within how many days should I move? 3) I have heard that I can transfer my H1-B whenever, I would like to. Is this correct ? 4) What are the scenario's, under which the H1-B could get cancelled after getting approval ? The attorney of the company that applied my H1-B said , L1 status will be automatically changed to H1-B and i have to move within 3 weeks time. Is this correct ? Please help me figure out this as i am in a confused state now.