marriage certificate for H4 visa


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I am planning to attend for H4 visa in the month of august first week. I came for my wedding in the month of May and my h1 is in pending and didn't get any reply, so planned for H4 now.

Before our wedding in May we registered earlier, and due to family issues our marriage was delayed for 2 yrs.

My question is:

1) On my interview if they ask me the wedding date should i go by certificate date or my wedding date(May).

2) If they ask for wedding card, can i show them the recent wedding card.

2) If there is difference in dates, will that be a problem.

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u can say i dont have it...but u carry photos of wedding... what matters is the marriage certificate, the date which is on there... they will surely ask for it... and yes take some snaps with bunch of people .... they asked me to how only 3-4 people are there ...dont Indian weddings have like a thousand people invited. ... i said it was register marriage as no time for celebration... we plan to do that later... he had no issues to that answer

hope helps...all the best

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