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Myself a EB GC Holder with PD Apr 2006.  My family  comprising Spouse daughter (now 23) son (now 21) live in India and have filed for counsular processing.

Filed my I-485 in Mar 2012 and got my GC approved in Aug 2013.  Filed I-824 in Mar 2012 simultaneously with my 485 for  my family in Mar 2012 (daughter was 17 and Son 15 at that time) to protect from age-out issues.  When we received the I-824,  the attorney confirmed that the age has been frozen as of the I-824 receipt date.  I am in the process of scheduling Immigrant Visa Interview at India Consulate.

Considering the above data, kindly advise :

(1) Will  we face any Age-out Issues or are my children eligible and  good to get the GC

(2) Who decides the Immigrant Visa Eligibility - NVC or India Counsulate?

(3) Does the the  fact that I-824 was approved (in Aug 2013)/communicated to consulate  and NVC sent us the a letter asking us to pay for Immigrant Visa Processing Fee indicate that they have frozen the age




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