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I was scheduled to appear for Naturalization interview in April  this year. Due to a family circumstance,  i had to travel to India and sent a request to USCIS seeking to reschedule the interview. While i was waiting for the reschedule notice , i received a letter from USCIS stating that my N-400 application has been administratively closed due to interview non appearance. I wrote to USCIS to reopen my application and reschedule my interview. It has been a couple of months since and the online status still shows that my interview was scheduled for April. I did take an infopass appointment and they instructed me to write a request to reopen the case. I have tried calling the helpline and they have no further updates . They ask me to call back after a few weeks. I did open up an investigation online and they replied stating my case was administratively closed due to non appearance. My case has not been updated with the requests that i have sent them. I have proof of delivery of all my mails and i sent all of that with the reopen request. Now i am at a loss as to what else should i do. Looks like my requests are ending up in trash. Can anyone please suggest what can be done to get them to reopen my case.

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Good luck to you SARamu. I am sorry you had to leave for family emergencies and couldn't appear for your interview.

But your experience is an eye opener for anyone who think they can simply reschedule interview or oath ceremony for trivial matters. I was thinking of doing it myself and JoeF, Pontevecchio did warn me that rescheduling can mess up things. Looks like they were spot on.

All the best,

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