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Hi there,

Below is scenario I am in with regards to the POA

I need to give POA to my father for selling property in India.

Now that property is registered in the Joint name of mine and My wife's.

I got POA format from my agent in India which has both of ours name mentioned in same POA letter.

Below are general steps I found I need to follow.

  1.  Prepare statement/gpa
  2.  Notarize the documents
  3.  Get the documents Appostile.
  4. Have it attested in Indian Embessy . ( In my case i will send it via mail as I am not local in SFO and i live in WA state.

Questions I have about this

While sending everything to Indian consulate.

  1.  Should I sent passports of both ( My and my wife's ) and if yes in same package ? I guess yes for this question, but any help confirming will be nice.
  2. Should I send Cashier's checks for both ( For me and my wife) separate or in combined ?
  3.  Should I fill "APPLICATION FOR MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES" for both executors ? I think this is yes but please let me know.

Since Indian consulate does not have any helpline number to call, i can not check with them. I sent them an email and hope i can get some answer.

Please guide me here if anyone has done this kind of POA for joint names or anyone has any idea on this.

Thanks in advance for helping.

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