Recapturing an old PD after a new application has been pending


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Hello Sir/Mam-

    I have been in this country for over 15 years. I had a 140 applied and approved about 10 years ago and based on that I got my H1 extensions and later EAD with another company that applied a new 140. I could not use my old 140 priority date because the old company then refused to give me a copy. Now I got the copy of my first approved 140 that I want to capture the priority date of.

I gave all the documents to the lawyers working with my new company that has been trying for over three Months to submit a SR that they say has to be done on phone with an USCIS officer that they have not been able to get hold of. I do not believe that which sounds weird that to recapture a priority date they could not send an application. I have two questions - First Does this even sound right the process my lawyers are trying to follow? Second - I have all my paper works, can I hire another lawyer (Murthy's) so that they can request for an update? My old priority date has long been current and this is what frustrates me.


Appreciate a ton!

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