Wrong 6c1 Bar And Questions 31-35 On Part 12 Of N-400 Application


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I am applying for citizenship and have some concerns on how to answer questions 31 through 35 on Part 12 of my N-400 application. About 10 years ago, I was wrongfully refused a H4 visa at a consulate abroad under section 6C1 and got a permanent bar from the US. After review of the case, the consulate overturned the refusal and granted me the visa, with the following note on it "NOT SUBJECT TO 6C1 ENTRY AT <CONSULATE> ON <DATE>". After getting my green card, it is now time to apply for citizenship. Since this refusal was rescinded, what should I answer on questions 31 through 35 on my N-400 application? Since there was no real misrepresentation, would it be ok to answer "No" to all the questions? Or is that refusal considered an "exclusion" that happened at one point, even if it was rescinded, and it needs to be disclosed on the N-400 in any of the questions 33, 34 or 35 ? Thank you!

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