Birthcertificate name is not matching with passport


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Hi All,

USCIS sent RFE for my Kids Birth cert name is not matching with Passport. Birth cert has name like BABYNAME but passport has BABY NAME

All other documents like school cert and Visa extension carry BABY NAME.


USCIS asking how I did got name in passport like BABY NAME but birth cert is only BABYNAME (space is not there)

they say like evidence I submitted does not include the evidence I presented to the indian passport agency to prove that this is full legal name.


Actually we had written birth certificate named like BABY NAME in Birth certificate when we got


But recent times they had changed online computerized and name captured like  BABYNAME. I had submitted this downloaded birthcert which has  BABYNAME.


they are ready to put name like BABYNAME but it is not in passport. What action i should proceed.


Should i change the birth cert asking my relatives to correct like BABY NAME in birth certificate. Doing so USCIS will accept it or they might need additional affidavits from parents or uncles. They have given me 2 months time to respond RFE i am hoping i can rectify the birth certificate. Do you guys think this is good option.


IF I could not change the birthcert what is my other options please


LET ME KNOW YOUR valuable response please!!!!

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