H4 to H1B Cos and I94 issue


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Hi ,

Here is my issue in detail.


I entered US in the month of March 2014 on H4 and applied for H1B COS with I94 number XXXX with Employer A on April 2014.When my H1B was still in process I left to India due to some emergency.My petetion got approved on July 2014 and valid till 2017 with out any COS denial.I re-entered US on Sept 2014 on H4 as I was having H4 validity till Sept 2015.I was issued with new I-94 YYYY and it was valid till Sept 30 2015.

After 1year of emploment with the Employer A I got an offer with an Employer B and filed a transfer on Sept 2015.The petetion got approved and valid till 2018.When I looked in to I797 the I-94 number was XXXX but not YYYY.I asked the same thing with attorney that even after I gave YYYY number for filing the transfer ,why was XXXX mentioned in I94.And Attorney said there would be no problem with the I94.

Just to add, I am E-Verified by DHS after TNC issue and cleared the verification

My Employer B is now planning to file a Labor Certification for PERM.

My worries are:

1.Does the I94 issue puts me in trouble?
2.If i go out to India and go for Stamping what is the chance of approval?
3.If I dont go to India for stamping further what would be the impact on PERM?
4,Having old I94(XXXX) in the I797 instead of YYYY could cause an issue further?

5.Can I travel after my Labor is filed,what would be the impact?

Please suggest what should I do further.I was googling through all the sites but couldnt get answers for all of my questions.
Request you to consider the situation and do the needful.

Thanks in Advance.

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