Acquisition during Greencard Process


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I am in a situation & like to see if I can get any advice.


I was in a company A & have my i140 approved from it with a PD of May 2011 (EB2). Meanwhile last year I changed jobs to Company B & we got the Labor thru PERM approved & i140 is pending (applied thru premium & expecting the approval soon with ported PD). Meanwhile Company C decided to aquire Company B. Both Companies B & C are doing their best to keep me with proper paperwork.


Company B will be in business for atleast 1 year till all the pending projects are completed. Though all the employees of company B will be officially be officially employees of Company C, they decided to keep me in the payroll of Company B till my paperwork will be taken care off & then make me an employee of company C.

In this scenario what should i do?


1) My H1B. Should i get it transferred to Company C (it will expire in March 2017)

2) Labor & i140 . Should we do both again, considering i will be doing the same job in the same place even after me becoming an employee of C? Really do not want to do labor again.


Any advice will be great. Thanks.

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