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I was in USA in 2010-11.During that period i had a credit card from bank of america for 7000$.I used to pay my monthly payments regularly.Life was cool with my steady income,limited expenses and little savings..until late 2011 when my health deteriorated suddenly due to extreme climate changes which lead me to resign my job and leave USA.It took almost one complete year for me to recover fully at the expense of huge hospital bills which i paid from my little savings. Even during that hard time too, i managed to pay my monthly credit card payments on time without failing, for few months.But later I stopped paying as I had left with nothing.After I got a small job, started my savings again. 2years ago I contacted bank of america authorities to repay my credit card debt.They told my debt was with collection agency and gave me a number to contact.When I contacted them, they took all my details and said that they will contact me back.But I didn't get any call so far.Now I am planning to visit USA for few weeks due to  some personal work on a visiting or tourist visa.My question is, does my bad credit history or credit debt will affect my visa chances? does the immigration or visa officers will know about my debt? what are the chances of me getting arrested at embassy or at port of entry if a lawsuit was filed and judgment was passed to arrest me for credit card debt in USA? I am ready to repay my debt even now....but don't to how to approach...and also fearing about the interest for this 5years on principle amount...guys please help me. thank you in advance.


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