797b with no denial notice & no I-94 card


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   I received 797b form with H1B approval for 3 years but no I-94 card. 


The form stated :


"Notice Type : Approval notice

Class : H1B

Valid From : 02/27/2016 - 02/26/2019

Consulate : <empty>



The above petition for a change in the conditions of the employment or training that was previously authorized in this classification has been approved. It is valid for the period shown above. The named foreign worker(s) are authorized to employed for this period pursuant to the terms and conditions of the petition


If the petitioner requested that notification of the approval be sent to a consulate, port of entry or pre-flight insepction office, then notification was sent to the office listed above."


Since this employment or training authorization stems from the filing of the petition, separate employment or training authorization document is not required."


with NO statement like  'Extension of Stay/Change of Status denied' in it.


I talked to my company's immigration attorney and they opened service request with USCIS on 08/08 and my attorney suggested not to leave country until USCIS gets back with the response.


My previous I-94 expired on 02/26/2016. Please let me know my next steps. 


Thank you,


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How can people in a forum second guess your Lawyer?. Make sure you do not overstay 6 months after I94 expiry in case you run into a ban if the H1 petition has been approved without an I94. Hence make it a matter of utmost urgency to discuss this with the actual lawyer for the company and your supervisor along with HR. You should ask the lawyer point blank whether you run the risk of any bans. Maybe they forgot to include the I94. ?

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On 8/18/2016 at 7:23 AM, satishkoneru said:

Thank you for the reply. I talked to Murthy attorney yesterday and they told that my status is not in jeopardy until USCIS gets back to us.

Satish, if you can still see this post, can you update your satus now? Is this USCIS mistake? How long did it take to get your corrected notice? I'm in similiar situation. Thank you!

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