Plz Suggest - Lost H4 approval, Filed I-824 (Status Pending), Have to file for H4 EAD extension.


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Hi, need some help. 


My wife is on H4 EAD status, currently working, which will expire by mid of September 2016 (Next month).  We lost my wife's H4 extension ( I-539 approval). Unfortunately, we don't have scanned copy.  We applied for duplicate copy of I-539 ( form I-824) 90 days ago and we are still waiting for approval. This process is taking way longer than we expected. Current processing date at Vermont is Feb 2016, and we applied on May 2016. Chances of receiving duplicate copy before EAD expires are very slim. 


With that being said, below are my questions

  1. Can we apply H4 EAD extension without proper I-94 certificate, and submit the document later? ( Any way to send the missing documents later)? 
  2. Can my wife work on EAD renewal application notice until she receives approval (Like OPT EAD?)
  3. Is there any way to speed up I-824 process?  ( I already submitted case inquiry today, which i don't think will escalate the process) 

I appreciate your time and knowledge!

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Thanks for the reply.


I found a copy of H4 copy from my immigration law firm. So, question 1 and 3 are resolved. We are going to apply for H4 extension within a day or two. One outstanding question,


# are we permitted to work on EAD renewal notice until she receives approval and card ( Like OPT EAD )

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