Which travel is easier - On J-1 or on J-1 waiver?


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I am on physician J-1 and will be going on J-1 waiver next year. I would like to make a trip to my home country either now or when I become J-1 waiver.


As many J-1 candidates, I only have J-1 stamped before my first year residency started and since then I did not make any international trip. The J-1 stamp on my passport expired one  year after getting it; and with D/S (Duration of stay) on stamp I have been getting DS-2019 for each subsequent years.


My understand is - whenever I wish to make an international trip on J-1 visa, I will have to go through US consulate and get J-1 stamped. Please confirm if this is not right. So, does the same rule applies to J-1 waiver category too?


Is 'J-1 waiver' a visa type or it is still 'J-1' and nothing comes on passport?


Basically, I am trying to find out which way is easier to make international travel - On 'J-1' or 'J-1 waiver', and where can I get detailed information about it?

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