I-130 Approval


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I am a US Citizen and has applied I-130 for my spouse. USCIS has received my application on July 28th 2015 and still it's in pending status due to security clearance. When I inquired about the status, every time I receive the same answer from USCIS that the security clearance is not done hence they can't proceed further until security clearance is done. Currently my wife is in India. Does anyone has any idea what should I do? Should I apply any other visa for my wife so she can come to USA ASAP?

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My case status is changed now and online when I checked it says "Case was received at my local office". What does it mean? 


does it mean my case is moved to next stage and now I will receive an approval notice soon or USCIS has some query and they need some documents from me?


Please suggest me if anyone has any idea.



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