US citizen applying for siblings green card


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My brother recently got his US citizenship. I am working on H1 and have an approved I140 with priority date of Feb 2015. My question was,

1)can my brother apply for my GC(I read form I130) and is it quicker than my current application?

2)Can i continue both the application?

3)Can i continue working on my H1b if my brother applies for my GC?

4)Can I get H1b renewals if he applies for my GC?


I see in the processing times the time for approval of I130 is Nov,2011 while the priority date for EB2 is Nov 2004. 

Am i looking at the wrong info?

Please suggest.

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The PD has nothing to do with I-130 approval times.

The PD for Family 4th category, siblings of US citizens, is currently 13 years back (15 for India: Jan 1, 2001.)

An I-130 can not be used to extend an H1. H1 extension requires an active I-140.

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