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i'm on L1A visa and my visa is valid till 31 july 2017.  I complete 7 years in the US on L1 by my visa expiry date.  I was hopeful that my company would do my GC on EB1 but they did not.


I've a H1 valid till july 31, 2016.  I did not do the change of status and continuing on L1A.


what are my options to stay in the US after 7 years?  Please let me know if the option below is feasible.


My company starts GC in EB2 on L1A, by july 31, 2017, if I get my I-140 approved, Can I use this I140 and apply for a change of status on H1 and extension on H1 simultaneously? 


If this is not an option, please let me know if there are any other options for me to continue staying in the US legally. 


Thanks a lot in advance


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