F1 denied under Section 214(b), INA and planning to re-submit DS-160


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I find your forum discussion very valuable. Thank you for the same.

We have been living in Dubai for 28 years and my husband and me are employed in Senior positions. My son was born here and completed his Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics Engg course in India after completing schooling in Dubai. His residence in UAE is valid until Feb 2017.

My son got his I-20 from NJIT last week. He appeared for his F1 interview yesterday and was rejected on the grounds of 214(b) of INA, However, the Officer said, we may choose to re-apply. The waiting time for interview dates in Dubai is 3 to 5 days. So the earliest interview date is likely to be in the next week.

Can you guide us on how to present a strong ground in the interview for re-applying, as there is no change in the student profile between the two interview dates.

Appreciate your efforts and guidance. 

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I do apologize. What college did he attend in India? He should carry a printout of NJIT as it is possible the VO got confused with another college. He should also contact the College and ask for help. Since time is of the essence maybe give the firm of Murthy a call to consider options. If his college in India was a well known one then considering NJIT is a well known state university in NJ, it is difficult to comprehend the rejection. Yes, he should go for another Interview .


Are you supposed to be Dubai residents? Do you have permanent right of abode?


Keep us posted.

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