DS-160 error , Embassy staff corrected


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Hi , 


I had a visa interview today morning at Ottawa. 


There was a mistake in date of birth on the DS-160 i had submitted . The Embassy staff corrected the mistake & updated the system.


Visa interview went well & officer said i am approving your visa & kept my passport . 


Will the date of birth mistake (which the embassy staff corrected) on the application create a problem for me or put me in admin processing ???


I am concerned if it opens a whole new box of issues 



What do you think ?




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Hi Redfoxfan215,


I will definitely but now its showing as Admin Processing and am a bit confused . Hopefully its just a temporary thing!


I have a question: 


-My current H1b is valid till Sep 15th , 2016. 

-I had applied an extension(same client, employer, location,pay etc) 

-Got 3 years new approval with start date Sep 16th 2016 

-On DS-160 i had entered the EAC for this new petition (starting Sep 2016). Also gave the visa office this new petition


Will i get the visa for this extended petition or for my old petition (which expires in September,2016) . I am confused here as to how this will work 



Anyone can please provide suggestions 



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