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  1. I work in E-V-C model and my H1B is coming to an end on Oct 1st . Since my previous client was not providing client letter; employer delayed filing H1B extension and then I lost my project last month and came on bench.Is there an option to file H1B extension without a project (I have all pay-stubs etc and have always been on job) with same employer in E-V-C?I have been on H1B with same employer for 5 years and never had any H1B issues/queries with previous 3 extensions.Any suggestions/help will be greatfulThanksNishant
  2. 1954nishant

    Travel back to US on H1B after a gap of 7 months

    Hi Vishwesh, I am also in some sort of similar boat . I had come to India for a 1.5 month visit but had a major health issue , have surgery and so had to extend my stay for 3 months more (so total 5 months) Since I work for a consulting company they gave me extended leave (my H1B is still valid) but my client wasn't willing to wait for so long and so i don't have a project (which is kinda required for EVM model) . The client will immediately take me back as soon as i land at the same location but again it's only after i land in US. Is this an issue as i have a stamped / valid visa ? Do the POE officials worry about if you have project in hand . What documents do i need to show at POE ? Any help will be great . Thanks, Nishant
  3. 1954nishant

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Congrats Parker and Natta, This might sound a bit silly question but in my interview the officer said i am approving your visa and kept the passport . Does that mean I am in the clear since it's been 3 days and my petition is saying : 'Administrative processing' ? I saw on other forums people got passport delivery emails the next day itself .. and for me it's 3 days and no movement Also is anyone in currently in Ottawa looking for accommodation sharing till visa thing gets sorted out ? Thanks
  4. 1954nishant

    DS-160 error , Embassy staff corrected

    Hi Redfoxfan215, I will definitely but now its showing as Admin Processing and am a bit confused . Hopefully its just a temporary thing! I have a question: -My current H1b is valid till Sep 15th , 2016. -I had applied an extension(same client, employer, location,pay etc) -Got 3 years new approval with start date Sep 16th 2016 -On DS-160 i had entered the EAC for this new petition (starting Sep 2016). Also gave the visa office this new petition Will i get the visa for this extended petition or for my old petition (which expires in September,2016) . I am confused here as to how this will work Anyone can please provide suggestions Thanks
  5. Hi , I had a visa interview today morning at Ottawa. There was a mistake in date of birth on the DS-160 i had submitted . The Embassy staff corrected the mistake & updated the system. Visa interview went well & officer said i am approving your visa & kept my passport . Will the date of birth mistake (which the embassy staff corrected) on the application create a problem for me or put me in admin processing ??? I am concerned if it opens a whole new box of issues What do you think ? Regards Nishant
  6. Attaboy , Yes i know its crazy , that's why i was not sure / questioning if i am using the right site : https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca . This is unreal so to speak
  7. 1954nishant

    Any one has H1 visa appt in Vancouver on Sept 26th

    Hi Attaboy Are you using : https://ais.usvisa-info.com ? Yes the dates are not available. I paid the fees - no dates available in Vancouver till November now . Same with other places in Canada.
  8. Hi , How many times can you re-schedule your H1B stamping interview date for Canada ? Reason being I am trying to get interview date ( https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca) and there are no dates available in Toronto till January 2017, Vancouver - no dates available at all , Calgary also the same.... What is this ? The whole calendar comes up blank . Did i use the wrong site ? How can there be no dates... Guys i am confused here.. Anyone else facing same issue Is there a limit on how many times you can re-schedule ? How many times can you re-schedule your interview date ?
  9. Hi , I am planning to go to Canada for stamping (first time) and filed out DS-160 etc I went to the https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca'to schedule the date and created an account . I got email for 'successful account creation' but was not directed to the fee payment site. Later on when i tried to login it takes me to applicant information screen and asks me to enter everything again . Then gives me an error that DS-160 already filed / wrong EAC and doesn't let me proceed I have no idea whats going on . Has anyone faced the same issue ? Is it because i am first time H1B stamping Thanks Nishant
  10. 1954nishant

    Status if H1B approves but COS is denied

    Well even if I have a valid I20 for say 1 more year , wouldn't my SEVIS terminate the moment my H1B approves ? My I94 has validity for D/S Do you think i need to extend my I20 (by enrolling in another course) ? Please let me know Thanks Nishant
  11. 1954nishant

    Status if H1B approves but COS is denied

    Aha , so I have to leave before the I20 expires ? But wouldn't my SEVIS terminate as soon as my H1B approves ? So say even if I20 has 1 year left is it of any use ? Thanks Nishant
  12. Hello, What is the visa status of a person if his H1B petition approves but COS (F1 to H1) is denied ? Does he continue on F1( F1 remains valid ) till the individual goes out of country and gets his visa stamped and returns back ) or is his SEVIS terminated the moment H1B approves ? I applied for H1B (currently on F1) and got an RFE , replied to the RFE September 23rd /today (premium processing) so expecting a response in 15 days . Currently on F1 status with an I20 validity till October 8th 2015 , so wondering if my H1 approves by then but COS is denied what to do ..... Any help please Thanks Nishant
  13. Thanks Advanced Member , Agree but was wondering based on people who have gone through this in the past might share their experience like say is there any particular thing we need to avoid or include in our application types. And finally suppose they deny COS am i eligible to file a MTR and would doing that be a good idea. Thanks Nishant
  14. Thanks rahul412 Will the change of status approve though (I94 attached) or am i looking at consular processing ? Reason being i am attending a proper college (not on CPT or anything like that) and maintaining GPA and all . Do you think that will help to get COS within the country ? Thoughts please Thanks Nishant
  15. Hello , Was on H1B for 6 years - Perm (EB2) didn't approve in time (before the end of my 6 years). Didn't leave the country went on F1 and have been attending school for a semester. Now my I140 is approved and trying to get back on H1B (7th year extension based on Approved I140) through my employer which is a consulting firm and works on E_V_C model. I just got a project at client site. Question is how do i apply for a new H1B since : I work on EVC model i can't start working at client site without H1B & on other hand To get on H1B (since E_V_C model) the client WO , PO etc has a start date of 'July1' which is like a week + 2 days during which difficult to get the new LCA approved and file H1B & get EAC number.... I mean will be a issue if by chance my H1B don't get filed by July 1st to start as petition/WO will say start date July1 and say H1b filed on July3rd .... It's a catch 22 situation. Please let me know how this can be made to work. Thanks Nishant