Mom's immigrant visa approved but administrative processing?


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I am a US citizen and my mother had her immigrant visa interview in the Mumbai consulate. The interview went fine, all our documents were in order and the officer said that her visa was approved and handed her the generic sheet with the check mark. He said my mom would get her passport back in 2-5 business days.


It has been well past that time, and when I followed up today I was told that the case is under "Administrative Processing". I have heard horror stories about folks getting stuck in this black hole for months. The CEAC website also shows the status as being in review.


Has anyone else experienced this? The consulate still has her passport. I am extremely concerned since our documents were all authentic and there is nothing wrong with our case.

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It would be very unusual for a person in your Mom's situation to have a delay as the Consulate has no locus standi in the matter. The approved I-130 mandates issuance of an Immigration visa in the absence of grounds of inadmissibility to the USA and I doubt any grounds could apply here. Give it a few weeks and then maybe involve the firm of Murthy to give you guidance.

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