I-94 not issues while crossing Land Boarder - Canada


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I went to H1b Visa stamping to Vancouver by air, Canada June 9th along with my family. Our visa stamping was successful and  all of us got stamped till Jan 26th, 2019. We spent 2 weeks in Toronto and came back to USA.


While coming back to USA we were crossed the boarder, Lewis-ton-Queenston bridge USA boarder,Niagara Falls NY by land boarder.


But while crossing the boarder, CBP officer checked our 4 passports(My passport, my husband's, my son's and my daughter's), scanned those and gave it back to me without stamping I-94 on my passport.


I had my I-94 on I-797 visa approval till Jan, 2019. But the officer did not stamp anything on our passports.


When I checked I-94 record on line after coming back, I have seen only Departure record(by Air), not arrival record.


what is my situation now? Do I have valid I-94 or not ?

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