H1B picked in lottery but contract is one sided


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Not able to decide my husband is applied in India.Firm is established in India in two stated and has presence in new jersey.

Got interviewed in January and selected in lottery in may..but contract is 18 months 2500$ we need to pay if we leave early for remaining months..and if we do not travel after visa stamping we need to incur visa cost

.they will place us with client and give 65000$ salary + relocation charges+ health insurance for family and travel ticket of family + 10 days bachelor accommodation.

Kindly assist whether this type of contract is legal and why they are hiring h1b separately by putting advertisements in times of India ascent if they already have employees in two states in India..they could have sent those.

Kingly advise whether we should come on this contract or not.



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Except the 2500 USD payment for breaking the contract earlier than 18 months, there would seem to be no major issue. Once stamped your spouse may be considered in the sense of "considered as a matter of routine" cap counted. If he does not pay on time you can complain appropriately and get a new sponsor. If he does not take this up he is not considered cap counted. As to why the 2 employees were not sent, maybe they are not qualified enough?. At the very least talk to the firm of Murthy and get their take.

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