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NIE-H1B w/ minor US Citizen

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I have valid H1B visa and my son is born US Citizen who is minor. I need to travel to India for a short 2 week trip. As there is an exception for travel ban i.e., under the category of "parent to minor US Citizen" I have below questions..

  1. How to apply for NIE (National Interest Exceptions)?
  2. Can we apply from USA itself i.e., apply for exception, get it approved and then travel?
  3. How soon should we apply from the travel date?


Thanks in advance!!

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If you are the parent of a US citizen who is unmarried and under 21, the ban does not apply to you and you do not have to apply for anything. Simply bring proof of your parentage of the child and proof of the child's US citizenship.

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There may not be any specific "National Interest Exceptions" for having a US citizen child but there are exemptions under proclamation that may apply to your case

(screenshot)I found them at https://in.usembassy.gov/visas/national-interest-exception-frequently-asked-questions/

you can access other resources too : https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/presidential-proclamation-on-the-suspension-of-entry-as-nonimmigrants-of-certain-additional-persons-who-pose-a-risk-of-transmitting-coronavirus-disease-2019.html


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@newacct @Leavemessageh1b I believe if we carry child's Birth Certificate/US Passport Copies which shows parent names should be good enough, correct me if I'm wrong or need to carry anything else as the child will be in USA only with one parent and only myself will travel.

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